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Teacher’s Choice Glazes
Teacher’s Palette Glazes

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Art Teachers, Studios and Schools - Contact us for discount pricing.

Amaco Teachers Choice Gallon
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Amaco Teachers Choice Color Chart

Cone 05. AMACO® Teacher's Choice (TC) gloss glazes are completely intermixable so they can be blended with each other or with any of the new AMACO®  Teacher's Palette (TP) glazes to create an infinite color palette. The  eight TC glazes are AP NON-TOXIC, LEAD FREE, dinnerware safe, bright and colorful, and are safe for use by artists of any age.
Limitless Color For Limited Budgets
AMACO® Teacher's Choice glazes give you more glaze for your money  because hundreds of colors can be made by blending the eight TC glazes together or with the 16 new AMACO® Teacher's Pallete (TP) glazes. Plus, all TP and TC glazes offer a full, rich, high gloss finish so you don't have to buy a clear glaze to get a shiny finish
Formulated For Success
AMACO® TC glazes are soft, non-flowing cone 05 glazes that are easy to  apply and fire. Both TC and TP glaze series contain the same base materials so they blend easily and offer consistent, predictable results every time. They can also be layered by brushing or slip trailing on top of each other without bleeding, distortion or glaze interaction that could lead to unintended results. TC and TP glazes fire true to the color in the bottle so you know what the fired color will look like as soon as you remove the cap.
Easy One-Step Firing
Apply three coats for full coverage or fewer coats for a more transparent look on mature cone 04 bisque. Cover the entire surface with any combination of TC or TP glazes and simply fire to cone 05. If TC and TP glazes are used for only partial coverage of the bisque, dip the partially decorated bisque into AMACO® DC-10 Clear Dipping Glaze and fire in one step to cone 05 for a brilliant surface.

Teacher's Choice glazes are available in economical gallons. Click here for Lesson Plan for the caterpillars.

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Conforms to
ASTM D-4236

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Dinnerware Safe

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Safe for spray application.

Amaco teachers choice Cat2

All Gallons only - Retail: $77.00

TC-1 Black
TC-11 White
TC-21 Blue
TC-32 Brown
TC-41 Green
TC-58 Red
TC-60 Yellow
TC-64 Orange

Schools and teachers -
contact us for discount pricing.

Amaco teachers choice Cat3
Amaco Glazes Teachers Palette GlazeSeries

TP - 1 Black
TP - 11 White
TP - 15 Gray
TP - 20 Sky Blue
TP - 21 Midnight Blue
TP - 22 Blue Green
TP - 24 Medium Blue
TP - 26 - Robin’s Egg
TP - 30 Caramel
TP - 32 Fudge Brown
TP - 40 Mint Green
TP - 41 Frog Green

TP - 42 Granny Smith
TP - 43 Green Leaf
TP - 51 Grape
TP - 52 Raspberry
TP - 53 Pig Pink
TP - 54 Lilac
TP - 56 Scarlet
TP - 58 Brick Red
TP - 60 Lemon
TP - 62 - Maize
TP - 64 Carrot
TP - 65 - Pumpkin

 Pint Retail - $16.85

We keep pints in stock!
Please special order volume quantities.

Schools and teachers -
contact us for
discount pricing.

amaco teachers palette bowl

Teacher’s Palette Glazes
Class Pack #3 - 39270H
Twelve Pints. Retail - $202.00

Please email for your discounted price!

Amaco Teachers Palette Class Pack3

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Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.
Certain items, such as glazes, may not be returned due to manufacturer policies.

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