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American Ceramic Supply Co. offers great discounts on ceramic books - simply choose the titles you are interested in and e-mail us a list along with your city, state and zip. We’ll send your shipping costs back for your approval and
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Book The ArtCraftofCeramics

The Art and Craft of Ceramics
Retail: $29.95
Your price - $23.95
Beginners eager to explore the world of ceramics, as well as experienced potters seeking new techniques and ideas, will find this colorful,  technique-packed manual absolutely inspiring. Lavishly illustrated and  visually attractive, it provides both practical and creative information on tools and materials, production processes, glazing, and decorative  techniques, including detailed explanations of clays, kilns, and  accessories. Explore essential methods for modeling (hand building,  wheel turning); for decorating the pieces (slips, glazes, colored  engobes); and for properly firing the finished piece at both low and  high temperatures. Put all that new knowledge to work on six step-by-step projects from a large, oval sculpture formed by extrusion and wheel-throwing to a beautifully simple functional vessel - all created by top ceramists.

Children, Clay and Sculpture
Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
Kids will happily dig into the soft, malleable medium, exploring its  possibilities. They’ll break the clay apart, rejoin it with water, try to model it into recognizable shapes, and cut out great big slabs to  design. Pictures of professional sculptures, as well as objects created  by kids, fill the book. Children will think it’s playtime - you don’t have to tell them they’re learning, too.

Image Transfer on Clay
Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
The first comprehensive how-to book on the topic! Contemporary ceramists have adapted traditional printmaking procedures to transfer images onto clay surfaces. And, with this thorough resource, anyone can take  advantage of these techniques in their own home studio - even those with  no printmaking background. The simple processes don’t require fancy equipment. Use silk-screen decals with light-sensitive emulsions to create a master image: then cover with glazes, and voila! Use colored slips for unique monoprints. Work with stencils, relief blocks, or stamps, trying a variety of materials to mark the clay surface. Each  method is carefully laid out in numerous photos, and shown on a finished piece. More than 100 images by leading contemporary artists showcase  the techniques and provide a wealth of inspiration.

Mastering Raku
Retail: $29.95
Your price: $23.95
From firing to finishing, this is the definitive reference on raku.  Ceramists will be informed and inspired by this newly updated,  technique-based book with how-to photos and text. It covers such topics as types of clay, forming techniques, firing, glazes, decoration, and  kilns and kiln construction. Mastering Raku also includes a  gallery of works from around the world along with updated clay and glaze recipes.

Ceramics for Beginners
Hand Building

Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
Ceramics are always popular with crafters, and hand building with low-fire earthenware is a natural place to start. With its wealth of  information and images, elegant design, and time-tested advice this beautiful new book by artist Shay Amber will inspire even the most  intimidated beginner. Just as in her celebrated workshops, Amber guides would-be ceramists through all the basics, from selecting the right clay body to embellishing the surface with fabulous decorations and gorgeous glaze treatments to setting a firing temperature. She teaches how to pinch forms, create coils, make flat slabs, work with simple molds and  armatures, and ornament your piece with stencils, slips, underglazes,  terra sigillata, and more. Each technique is laid out in easy-to-follow  step-by-step photos with projects in progress and stunning gallery  images -  templates are included plus 12 step-by-step projects.

Ceramic Bead Jewelry
Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
This is by far the most attractive volume on ceramic bead-making  anywhere! Learn how you can create a variety of striking projects using low-fire clay and a rainbow of  colorful glazes. The basic techniques include hand-rolling, cutting,  stamping, press-molding, and extruding, as well as surface  embellishment, and 30 of the colorful finished jewelry projects are  wonderfully simple. Nothing says love more than the flirty urban-hip  ring with a metal clay arrow shot through the heart. Mimic the look of  traditional majolica with a bohemian chic big-bead necklace that rivals  any pricey boutique.

Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques
Retail: $14.95
Your price: $12.75
Ceramicists searching for new ways to fire their creations now have a  wealth of options. Authors James Watkins and Paul Wandless, along with a group of distinguished artisans, demonstrate in detail how to build low-cost, low-tech, yet high-quality kilns. The plans range from an easy, affordable, and versatile Raku Kiln to a unique wood-fueled  Downdraft Stovepipe Barrel one. These clever devices make it possible to produce rich surface effects from alternative reduction firing  techniques. In addition to showing the basic procedures for using each kiln, easy-to-follow directions for many fast-fire methods unfold in  color photographs: You’ll see how to achieve terra sigillata surfaces with direct chemical application, and how to do traditional  crackle-glaze raku and smoke finishes.

Clay Connections
Retail: $18.95
Your price: $16.25
25 creative clay lessons and 7 mural projects that make connections to the elementary curriculum.

Easy to follow lessons with photos of student work, materials lists and step-by-step procedures.
Simple, direct explanations of handbuilding techniques, clay,  glazes and kilns.

What Every Potter Should Know
Retail: $27.95
Your price: $22.50
For every successful pot there are a few that  were abandoned along the way. Now potters can find solutions to some of  the most common pottery problems. No more wasted time and money on a  piece that requires only minimal repairing, because you'll know the  proven techniques. Author Jeff Zamek has researched almost every mishap that can occur in ceramics and learned how to either  prevent or correct them. He shares tips and advice gleaned from over 30  years of making and teaching ceramics in this indexed reference for all ceramic artists.
Zamek provides information in easy to grasp segments to guide you through new formulas, new clay body  formulas, kiln firing techniques, clay/gaze defects, and much more.

The Potter’s Studio
Clay and Glaze Handbook

Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
"A clean, well thought out book by an esteemed ceramic technician that will give you answers and insights into many of the everyday questions and problems that we all face in our  studios on a regular basis."
Because of the unique and unusual style of The Potter’s Studio Clay & Glaze Handbook, it may be  easier to explain what it is not than what it is: It is not a comprehensive encyclopedia of technical ceramics. It is not a complete  dictionary of ceramic terminology. It is not a book of clay body and glaze recipes. It is not like any other book you have ever seen. What it is is a carefully chosen set of subjects and topics that are all of critical importance to the practicing potter. It is detailed but not encumbered with jargon and is well written in a user friendly and concise style. It is profusely illustrated with all color images.

Books Ceramics for Beginners

Ceramics for Beginners:
Surfaces, Glazes & Firing

Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
This third installment in Larks' Ceramics for Beginners series is the best beginners' workshop to surface work: emerging potters learn skills step-by-step, including stamping, sgraffito, brushwork with underglazes and oxides, majolica, and other techniques. How-to photos  demystify the process, and there are scores of ideas for  experimentation.

The Great Clay Adventure
Retail: $25.95
Your price: $20.75
Encourage elementary and middle school-age kids to build their clay-sculpting skills at home with these lessons and projects designed  for use in the classroom. They’ll model a pinch pot, coil animals,  fossils, vases, masks, and tiles that they can embellish with rubber stamps. Best of all, these projects will foster children’s confidence in their abilities and stimulate new ideas.

The Penland Book of Ceramics
Retail: $34.95
Your price: $27.95
With classes in more than ten media, instruction by only the finest practitioners, and an atmosphere of friendly exchange between artists,  Penland is the place for crafters to improve and broaden their skills.  People from around the world journey to this unique school and artistic  community, located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. Through the Penland Book series, you'll feel the creative excitement of the school on every page and in every breathtaking project. Here, in the first offering, ceramicists will discover technical and inspirational resources from the masters that will carry their art to new levels. Each of the Penland professionals represented specializes in a particular technique or method. Photographs show them working, as well as feature their art. Expressly for this volume, they  have written the accompanying essays and chosen pieces by other artists  to complement their own - coil built vessels; tiled mosaics, sculptures,  mold-making and slip casting; majolica; wheel-thrown forms; slab reliefs; and much more.

Surface Design for Ceramics
Retail: $29.95
Your price: $23.95
For ceramists of any level, surface design is an essential skill for creating beautiful work. And this comprehensive and invaluable studio reference captures all the popular techniques available for embellishing clay. A wealth of practical information and detailed images lead you through every phase of the process - from the wet and leather-hard stages  (faceting, carving, burnishing) through bisque ware (terra sigillata and slip work), to firing (glazing methods) and post-firing (decals,  lusters, and raku). Because the procedures shown all require the same basic skill level, readers can dip in at any point. Time-tested recipes  are offered in abundance, photos of fired demonstration pieces show the  final effect, and top-quality contemporary gallery pictures display the  fabulous results. Sidebars throughout offer options for further exploration.

Ceramics for Beginners
Wheel Throwing

Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
In the same bright, open design as the well-received Ceramics for  Beginners: Hand Building, this second entry in the series offers an  introduction to the mechanics of wheel-thrown ceramics. Artist Emily  Reason takes the beginner ceramist through nine projects, starting from  one of two fundamental forms (cylinder or bowl). Color bands throughout point the reader to related information on various techniques, while  gallery sections provide inspiration.

Complete Ceramics
Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
Part how-to guide, part historical reference, and part illustrated idea book, this is the definitive potter’s companion. It covers the basics, such as coil building and slab construction, and features accompanying  photos to help newcomers build a strong technical foundation. Then it provides dozens of advanced techniques that experienced potters will want to add to their repertoire, including mold-making and creative  throwing practices. Also featured is a fascinating history of pottery,  as well as a reference guide to the many types of clays and kilns.

The Essential Guide to Mold Making
and Slip Casting

Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
For potters, mold making is invaluable because it allows them to slip-cast identical multiples of their work and this newly revised, now  in color edition of Andrew Martin’s classic is the definitive  guide to the craft. No other volume has shown the processes in such  how-to detail. It’s overflowing with hundreds of photos, key techniques, projects, master artist profiles, and troubleshooting tips - thorough introduction addresses materials and tools, and presents Martin’s  simple, unique template method for making clay prototypes. Create easy one-piece molds to make tiles, bowls, and platters, or multi-piece molds for more complex forms. An extensive overview covers slip formulation, while offering highly desired slip recipes for low-, mid-, and high-fire clay bodies. This will be the standard reference in every ceramist’s library.

Making and Installing Handmade Tiles
Retail: $17.95
Your price: $15.25
Lark’s Handmade Tiles has  delighted crafters everywhere, and whetted their appetites for more  beautiful ideas. You’ll find just what you’re looking for in these dozen ceramic tile projects, which include everything from trivets to tabletops to stepping stones. The wealth of practical, visually  breathtaking information covered here includes everything from design and formation through decoration and site installation, making this manual an absolute must in every ceramics and home improvement library.  Find out about basic tools and materials, glaze application, and  techniques for making slab tiles. Get the lowdown on mosaics, and stamped, carved, and inlaid designs.

Safety in the Ceramics Studio
Retail: $21.95
Your price: $18.50
Every potter wants to work in a safe environment  and needs the extensive data presented in this reference. The potter's health and safety are  covered in detail from ceramic toxicology to safe handling of raw materials. Guidelines for using clays, glazes, tools, kilns, and other  equipment are presented. Questions such as, "What's the best way to  handle ceramic materials?" and "Is barium carbonate safe?" are answered  in full detail. This is the safety guide that every student, teacher, and ceramic professor will refer to again and again while working with  clay and glaze materials. An established author and regular  contributor to popular ceramics publications, Jeff Zamek is the owner of a ceramics-consulting firm and has developed clay body and glaze  formulas for ceramics supply companies throughout the United States.

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