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Painting & Design BOOKS

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American Ceramic Supply Co. offers great discounts on painting and design books - simply choose the titles you are interested in and e-mail us a list along with your city, state and zip. We’ll send your shipping costs back for your approval and contact you so you can purchase securely.


Abstract and Color
Techniques in Painting

Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
Many artists find the move into abstraction a difficult and uncertain one because they lack the proper guidance needed to take this bold step. In this inspirational workbook, award-winning mixed media artist Claire Harrigan leads painters towards non-representational painting through  the use of color. Fantastically illustrated throughout and featuring sound technical advice, it covers every aspect of abstract painting,  from concepts and influences, inspirations and starting points to  approaching subjects, basic design considerations, and surface textures. Step-by-step analyses of Harrigan’s own work demonstrate the importance of color contrast, harmony, and impact in a range of mixed media.

Chinese Brush Painting
Retail: $14.95
Your price: $12.75
You’ll want to keep this book close to your painting table. Guides you from the beginning with information on the materials you need and  the basic steps involved. With  the right instructions and a little time you can get very good results,  and that’s what this book provides - step-by-step, manageable little steps to the goal.


Modern Calligraphy
and Hand Lettering

Retail: $17.99
Your price: $15.25
Calligraphy, the art of elegant, beautiful lettering, has increased in popularity over the last several  years. This new-in-paperback book will spark the interest of the calligraphy novice by introducing a new approach to lettering, one that combines a lively combination of traditional lettering styles, fun and scripty modern styles, and artsy street-style lettering, along with project ideas that  incorporate creative lettering. It introduces a wide array of lettering styles with complete alphabets sample artworks  that show an application. Fully stepped-out illustrations break down  each letterform, taking the reader through each stroke and a large collection of gallery images provides further inspiration for how to use creative lettering in artwork.


Letter Better
Lettering and Doodles

Add pizzaz to Pottery and Scrapbooks with hand lettering. Easy 1-2-3 steps for borders, frames, corners and more! Use brushes on pottery or markers and pencils on paper to add a personal touch. A plus for the busy pottery studio whose customers need ideas and how-to for lettering and doodles.
Your price - $11.99


The Complete Guide to Painting
Porcelain & Ceramic

Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
It’s easier than you think to transform inexpensive ceramic jugs or other stone containers into true works of art or turn thrift store  plates into dinnerware worthy of the swankiest cafe. The professional advice starts with choosing equipment and stenciling the designs,  followed by more than 100 color photographs showing proper use of flat,  round, and liner brushes to create a range of effects. There are great  project ideas and patterns for every month of the year.

How To Create Light in Your Paintings
Retail: $24.95
Your price: $19.95
 A professional artist uses his own and others' work to teach painters how to master the all-important aspect of light-how the eye  perceives it and how to duplicate its effects. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of images in six of the most popular media, from oil paint to egg tempera, this essential course demonstrates how to capture the glare of sun on water, the play of shadow on the human form, the soft glow of twilight, and the translucency of flowers. There's a thorough,  easy-to-follow explanation of the key concept of "tonal control," and  hands-on instruction that comes complete with specialized diagrams  (including color wheels, tonal scales, and color temperature charts),  technical tips, and inspiring creative ideas.

Pattern Palette Sourcebook #1
Pattern Palette Sourcebook #2
Pattern Palette Sourcebook #3

Retail each: $29.99
Your price each: $23.50
Need design inspiration? Need color choices?
3 Fabulous pattern books - choose your colors, choose your patterns - over 375 color and design variations per book - and a CD with each book of all patterns and colors.


Let’s Draw Happy People
Retail: $15.99
Your price: $13.75
Created by one of Japan’s most popular artists, this book provides detailed and complete instruction for illustrating fun and appealing characters and elements that celebrate life. The author’s special and distinct style is simple, appealing, happy, and cute and offers artists, crafters, and art enthusiasts with and without experience the instruction and inspiration to draw.  This book is for artists and crafters of all skill levels that want to  bring their own illustration to their work. It offers both entertaining  and fun drawing instruction and techniques along with inspiring and sweet unique-style characters and elements.


Alphabets and Words
Lettering techniques for pottery, clay, scrapbooks, notepads and cards. This terrific book is a valuable addition to any paint your own pottery studio library - taking your customers step-by-step through creating jazzy letters. Even if you are not an artist, you will be able to make fantastic letters.
Over 101 fabulous ideas.
Your price - $12.99

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