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Speedball Pottery Wheels

American Ceramic Supply Company offers great discounts on all
Speedball Pottery Wheels.
Just check out these discounts! You can e-mail us at if you need any help with technical support, best wheels and/or specific shipping needs.

Want to order?
Email us:
name, address, phone and model of wheel.
We will get with you as quickly as possible.

Speedball Potter's Wheels offer:
Space Age Design and Technology
Ideal for Schools, Institutions, Production Shops and Individual Artists
Built-in 10 year Warranty
Highest Standard of Customer Service in the Industry
Proven Experience since 1971

In Store Special - Pick up here at our location:
FREE Gift with purchase, FREE BAT, FREE TOOL KIT
in stock with any Clay Boss Potter’s Wheel!

Pottery Wheel Clay BossWheel

Clay Boss Pottery Wheel - Regular $1278.56 plus shipping
Special Price - $1090.00 pick up at our showroom!
FREE gift with each Clay Boss In Store Special:
DVD, Bat, Splashpan, Bat Pins, Royal Pottery Tool Kit

100 lb centering capacity
14" Wheelhead
1/2 Horsepower
Electric Variable Speed
10 year limited warranty

Add Worktable to this wheel - only $180.00!
(see below on Elite Model for pic of worktable)

Speedball Big Boss Wheel

Big Boss Potter's Wheel - $1551.57 plus Shipping
Your price - $1325.00 Freight Paid in Store Pickup
In Store Order Special:
FREE gift with each Clay Boss In Store Special:
DVD, Bat, Splashpan, Bat Pins, Royal Pottery Tool Kit

For potter’s with bigger needs the Big Boss has all the features of the Clay Boss and more.  1.0 horsepower - provides 150 pound centering capacity and maximum torque at lower speeds.  Sophisticated load-sensing control high tech 110 or 220 Volts controler maintains wheelhead speed under changing loads.  Variable Speed Footpedal - smooth electronic control ( 0-240 rpm).  14” Wheelhead - sturdy steel structure (height 19.5") and long-life polypropolyne composite surface. Bat pins included.  2-Part Removable Splash Pan included - for very easy cleanup and high volume liquid reservoir.  Heavy-duty Steel Frame - with sturdy 26" x 21" table, protected by durable powdercoated finish.  Custom Reverse Plug - standard, proprietary plug allows for quick change of wheelhead direction.  Micro V belt drive - Provides quiet, dependable performance.
10 year warranty

Big Boss Elite Pottery Wheel

Big Boss Elite SQ Pottery Wheel and Table-
Retail price: $1747.30 plus Shipping
Your price - $1490.00 Freight Paid in Store Pickup
FREE gift with each Clay Boss In Store Special:
DVD, Bat, Splashpan, Bat Pins, Royal Pottery Tool Kit

New! 1/2" thick polyethelyne tabletop and expanded, raised work table. 1.0 horsepower (industrial motor)  175-lb centering capacity  Adjustable feet allow for leveling on uneven floors and the ability to change the wheel head height  Load-sensing control with 110v or 220v capability  Reversing plug for quick change of wheel head direction  14" wheel head, same as the Clay Boss  Foot pedal with smooth variable speed control (0-240 RPM)  Easily removable Splash Pan included  10-year warranty 

Pottery Wheel Artista

Artista Potter's Wheel - Regular price: $649.00 plus Shipping
Special Price: $575.00 Freight Paid In Store Pickup

Sturdy, high-impact plastic and steel frame construction  1/3 horsepower, industrial motor (large motor enclosure at back of wheel)  25-lb centering capacity  11" aluminum wheel head.  Wheel head height is only 3 5/8" above tabletop.  Stable on any flat surface.  Convenient for stand up throwing or physically challenged access  Easy to clean.  Two-part splash pan included.  Variable speed - hand control (0-220 RPM)  Micro V belt for smooth and quiet power.  Convenient space for two 2.5 quart buckets, included (for tools and water)  Totally portable, weighs 26 lbs.  Makes a great trimming station.  Ideal for schools with limited storage.  Order left or right handed wheel head direction from factory.  2-year warranty.

Add Static Legs - $100.00 (no extra freight)
Add Folding Legs - $235.00 (no extra freight)
Add Foot Pedal - $125.00 (no extra freight)
Add 8 piece Tool Kit and 25 lbs clay - $45.00 (extra for shipping clay)



Artista Static Legs


Artista Foot Pedal

Pottery Wheel ArtistaFoldingLegs

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