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Kiln Warranties
for Paragon Kilns,
Skutt Kilns,
Olympic Kilns,
Amaco and Excel Kilns

American Ceramic Supply Company, Inc. and American Glass Supply Company, Inc. are authorized distributors for Paragon Kilns, Skutt Kilns, Olympic Kilns and Amaco/Excel Kilns. American abides by the warranties set forth by our manufacturers for their respective kiln brands. Below are the link pages to each manufacturer’s warranty page. This information is also in most of their catalogs and/or price lists. When you purchase your kiln from us, it will come to you with a warranty card or information so you can go to these sites and register your warranty.

Paragon Kiln Logo
Amaco Brent logo
Olympic Kiln logo
Skutt Kiln Logo

Just click on the above kiln logos to go the manufacturer web site and view warranties or to register your new kiln.
You may need your receipt and the serial number off of the kiln or wheel.

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