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mayco bisque fpcupcakebox2

Mayco Bisque - Boxes

Art Educators, Traditional Stores and Paint Your Own Pottery Studios with Sales Tax Certificates - please e-mail us with name of business and/or exemption status,
so we can process and send you wholesale pricing.


Mayco Bisque MB869cupcakebox
Mayco Bisque MB870icecreamconebox
Mayco Bisque MB724angelbox Mayco Bisque MB001boxesset
mayco bisque fpgiftbox2

MB 869 Cupcake Box
4.25” x 4” 6 per case
$7.40/piece, $40.20/case

MB 870 Ice Cream Cone Box
5” x 3.5” 6 per case
$7.90/piece, $43.20/case

MB 724 Butterfly Angel Box
7” x 4” 12 per case
$9.70/piece, $105.60/case

MB 001 Round, Star, Heart Box Set
2” x 5” 12 per case
$7.90/piece, $86.40/case


Mayco Bisque MB871fliflopbox
Mayco Bisque MB945skullbox Mayco Bisque MB670sharkybox Mayco Bisque MB840mermaidbox
mayco bisque fpflipflopbox

MB 871 Flip Flop Box
6” x 3” 6 per case
$9.10/piece, $49.80/case

MB 945 Pirate Skull Box
4” x 5.5” 6 per case
$10.20/piece, $55.80/case

MB 670 Sharky Box
6.5” L 12 per case
$8.30/piece, $90.00/case

MB 840 Mermaid Box
7” x 5” 12 per case
$9.40/piece, $102.00/case


Mayco Bisque MB1285BigHootBox
Mayco Bisque MB1286LittleHootBox Mayco Bisque MB1136bowbox Mayco Bisque MB678crossbox

MB 1285 Big Hoot Box
6” H x 5 1/4” W 6 per case
$12.40/piece, $67.80/case

MB 1286 Little Hoot Box
5” H x 4” W” 6 per case
$11.20/piece, $61.20/case

MB 1136 Bow Box
3.5” x 3” x 3” 6 per case
$9.10/piece, $49.80/case

MB 678 Cross Box
5.5” L 12 per case
$7.90/piece, $86.40/case

Mayco Bisque FPCandyCornOwlBox


Mayco Bisque Robot Box MB1375
Mayco Bisque Skull Box MB1382 Mayco Bisque Owl Box MB1385

MB 1375 Robot Box
5.75” H x 5.5” W 6 per case
$14.20/piece, $77.40/case

MB 1382 Skull Box
5.5” L x 2.5” T 6 per case
$9.70/piece, $52.80/case

MB 1385 Owl Mask Box
6” L x 5.2” W x 3” T 6 per case
$12.40/piece, $67.80/case

Mayco Bisque FPAcornCottage


Mayco Bisque English Jar MB1389
Mayco Bisque Acorn Jar MB1390 Mayco Bisque MB1394 Squirrel Box Mayco Bisque MB1433 Door Knob Box

MB 1389 Fairy Tale Jar-Box
English Cottage
2 per case
$20.40/piece, $37.00/case

MB 1390 Fairy Tale Jar-Box
Acorn Cottage
2 per case
$18.70/piece, $34.00/case

MB 1394 Squirrel Box
5.5” W x 5.25” L 6 per case
$10.20/piece, $55.80/case

Mayco Bisque - MB1433
Door Knob Box  - 6 per case
8.5” L x 3.25” x 2.25” T
$13.10/piece $71.40/case


Mayco Bisque MB1410 Button Box
Mayco Bisque MB1412 Scarab Box
Mayco Bisque MB1416 Turtle Box
Mayco Bisque MB1451 Classic Heart Box

Mayco Bisque - MB1410
Button Box - 6 per case
6.25” W x 1.63” T
$10.50/piece $57.00/case

Mayco Bisque - MB1412
Beetle Box - 6 per case
7” L x 5.25” W x 3.5” T
$12.10/piece $66.00/case

Mayco Bisque - MB1416
Turtle Box - 6 per case
7.5” L x 5.5” W
$14.90/piece $81.00/case

Mayco Bisque - MB1451
Heart Box - 6 per case
6” L x 5 7/8” W x 1 7/8” T
$9.90/piece $54.00/case

Mayco Bisque FP Owl Cookie

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Mayco Bisque MB1451 Vintage Heart box FP
mayco bisque fp shark box

Prices subject to change - some items such as glaze and bisque
may not be returned due to manufacturer’s return policies.

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