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Mayco FP Jungle Gems Pic1

Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes

Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes
4 oz - $6.25      Pint - $18.75

Non-toxic, but not recommended for dinnerware.
Brush on 3 coats, stilt, fire to Cone 06.
Do not DIP!

Mayco FP Jungle GemsTile
Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg707woodlandfanstasy Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg713peacockgreen Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg716pagodagreen Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg717pistachio Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg718bluecaprice Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg722seawind Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg750noel Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg753sassyorange

CG 707
Woodland Fantasy

CG 713

CG 716
Pagoda Green

CG 717

CG 718
Blue Caprice

CG 722

CG 750

CG 753
Sassy Orange

Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg772sandpetal
Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg756firecracker Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg779blackopal Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg780mysticjade Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg783strawberrysundae Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg785royalfantast
Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg786obsidian Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg788dutchenamelware

CG 756

CG 772
Sand Petal

CG 779
Black Opal

CG 780
Mystic Jade

CG 783
Strawberry Sundae

CG 785
Royal Fantasy

CG 786

CG 788
Dutch Enamelware.

Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg795yadroprint Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg798blackiris Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg958lagoonblue
Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg961evergreen Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem CG962BlueAzure Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem CG963LemonLime Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg964kaleidoscope Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg965mochamarble Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg966tigerlily

CG 795
Yadro Print

CG 798
Black Iris

CG 958
Lagoon Blue

CG 961

CG 962
Blue Azure

CG 963
Lemon Lime

CG 964

CG 965
Mocha Marble

CG 966
Tiger Lily

Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg967greenagate Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg968pepperminttwist Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg969floralfantasy Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg970masquerade Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem cg971purplecosmos Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem CG954Wildfire Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem CG972DragonsBreath Mayco Glaze Jungle Gem CG973Alligator Mayco Color Jungle Gem CG974BloominBlue

CG 967
Green Agate

CG 968
Peppermint Twist

CG 969
Floral Fantasy

CG 970

CG 971
Purple Cosmos

CG 954

CG 972
Dragon’s Breath

CG 973

CG 974
Bloomin’ Blue

Mayco Colors CG983 Koi Pond Glaze Mayco Colors CG984 Ladybug Glaze
Mayco Colors CG982 Mixed Melon Glaze
Mayco Color Jungle Gems CG975SkyDiamonds Mayco Color Jungle Gems CG977InkSpots Mayco Colors CG978 Arctic Splash Glaze Mayco Colors CG979 Meadow Glaze Mayco Colors CG980 Coral Puff Glaze Mayco Colors CG981 Fruity Freckles Glaze

CG 975
Sky Diamonds

CG 977
Ink Spots

CG 978
Arctic Splash

CG 979

CG 980
Coral Puff

CG 981
Fruity Freckles

CG 982
Mixed Melon

CG 983
Koi Pond

CG 984

Mayco Ceramic Glaze CG985 Monets Pond Mayco Ceramic Glaze CG986 Smoke Fire Mayco Ceramic Glaze CG987 Tree Frog Mayco Ceramic Glaze CG988 Fireflies Mayco Ceramic Glaze CG989 Fruit Punch Mayco Ceramic Glaze CG990 Starry Night Mayco Ceramic Glaze CG991 Mountain Moss

CG 985
Monet’s Pond

CG 986
Smoke Fire

CG 987
Tree Frog

CG 988

CG 989
Fruit Punch

CG 990
Starry Night

CG 991
Mountain Moss

MAYCO’s NEW Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes!

Mayco Glaze - CG992 - MintChip MaycoGlaze-CG993-LavenderSprigs MaycoGlaze-CG994-FieldandFlowers MaycoGlaze-CG995-FoggyMist MaycoGlaze-CG996-SpringRain

Mayco Jungle Gems
Crystal Glaze
CG 992
Mint Chip

Mayco Jungle Gems
Crystal Glaze
CG 993
Lavender Sprigs

Mayco Jungle Gems
Crystal Glaze
CG 994
Field and Flowers

Mayco Jungle Gems
Crystal Glaze
CG 995
Foggy Mist

Mayco Jungle Gems
Crystal Glaze
CG 996
Spring Rain

Mayco Bisque FPMB1273

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mayco fp jungle gems dinobank
Mayco Bisque FPMB1274

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