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Mayco Glaze FPIrisPlatter

Stroke & Coat
Speckled Stroke & Coat
Fired Accent

Stroke & Coat
2 oz. - $3.75      8 oz. - $9.55    Pint - $17.95
Available in Gallons - ** - $110.00

Mayco Glaze FPSTampedPoppyPlatter

Studios, Schools and if you have sales tax certificate, contact us for wholesale pricing.

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat PinkABoo

SC 1
Pink a Boo

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat JustFroggy

SC 8**
Just Froggy

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat Tuxedo

SC 15**

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat Dandelion

SC 24**

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat TheBlues

SC 31**
The Blues


SC 39
Army Surplus


SC 48
Camel Back


SC 58
501 Blues

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat CandyAppleRed

SC 73**
Candy Apple Red


SC 80

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat Ruby Slippers
Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat MelonCholy

SC 2

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat Jaded

SC 9

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat CottonTail

SC 16**
Cotton Tail

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat CrackerjackBrown

SC 25
Crackerjack Brown

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat Bluebeard

SC 32


SC 40
Blueberry Hill


SC 50
Orange Ya Happy


SC 60
Silver Lining

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat HotTamale

SC 74**
Hot Tamale

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat Cinnamon Stix

SC 81
Cinnamon Stix

Mayco Color SC88TuTuTango
Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat WineAboutIt

SC 3
Wine About It

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat TealNextTime

SC 10
Teal Next Time

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat CheekyPinky

SC 17
Cheeky Pinky

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat GreenThumb

SC 26
Green Thumb

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat FruitoftheVine

SC 33
Fruit of the Vine


SC 41
Brown Cow


SC 51
Poo Bear


SC 63
Popeye’s Favorite

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat OrangeAPeel

SC 75**
Orange A Peel

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat TuscanRed

SC 82
Tuscan Red

Mayco Color SC89CutiePieCoral

Stroke & Coat
SC 87 Ruby Slippers

Stroke & Coat
SC 88 Tu Tu Tango

Stroke & Coat
SC 89 Cutie Pie Coral

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SC94 CurryAround

Stroke & Coat
SC 94 Curry Around

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat PinkieSwear

Stroke & Coat
SC 95 Pinkie Swear

Mayco Stroke Coat SC96_Aqu-ward

Stroke & Coat
SC 96 Aqu-ward

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat Salsa

SC 4**

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat BlueYonder

SC 11**
Blue Yonder

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat RoseyPosey

SC 18
Rosey Posey

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SourApple

SC 27**
Sour Apple

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat DowntoEarth

SC 34
Down to Earth


SC 42
Butter Me Up


SC 52
Toad-ily Green


SC 65

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat CarabeinBlue

SC 76**
Cara-bein Blue


SC 83
Tip Taupe

Mayco Color SC90ElephantEars

Stroke & Coat
SC 90 Elephant Ears

Mayco Stroke Coat SC97_Cant_Elope

Stroke & Coat
SC 97 Cant elope

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat TigerTail

SC 5
Tiger Tail

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat MoodyBlue

SC 12**
Moody Blue

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat BirthdaySuit

SC 20
Birthday Suit

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat BlueIsle

SC 28
Blue Isle

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat GrayHare

SC 35
Gray Hare


SC 43
Lettuce Alone


SC 53
Purple Haze


SC 70
Pink A Dot


SC 77
Glo Worm

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat Orkid

SC 85

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat 91Seabreeze

Stroke & Coat
SC 91 Seabreeze

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat Sunkissed

SC 6**

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat Grapel

SC 13

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat CarrotTop

SC 22
Carrot Top

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat BlueGrass

SC 29
Blue Grass

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat IrishLuck

SC 36
Irish Luck


SC 45
My Blue Heaven


SC 54
Vanilla Dip


SC 71


SC 78
Lime Light

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat Old Lace

SC 86
Old Lace

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SC92CafeOle

Stroke & Coat
SC 92 Cafe Ole

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat LeapinLizard

SC 7
Leapin’ Lizard

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat JavaBean

SC 14
Java Bean

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat JackOLantern

SC 23
Jack O Lantern

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat BlueDawn

SC 30
Blue Dawn

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat IvoryTower

SC 37
Ivory Tower


SC 46


SC 55
Yella Bout It


SC 72
Grape Jelly


SC 79
It’s Sage

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SC93 HoneydewList

Stroke & Coat
SC 93 Honeydew List

Speckled Stroke & Coat
2 oz. - $3.95       Pint - $19.95

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SP201pinkaboo

SP 201
Sp Pink-A-Boo

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SP202meloncholy

SP 202
Sp Melon-Choly

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SP203wineaboutit

SP 203
Sp Wine About It

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SP205tigertail

SP 205
Sp Tiger Tail


SP 215
Sp Tuxedo

SP 216
Sp Cotton Tail

SP 223
Sp Jack O Lantern

SP 226
Sp Green Thumb


SP 254
Sp Vanilla Dip


SP 260
Sp Silver Lining


SP 270
Sp Pink-A-Dot


SP 274
Sp Hot Tamale

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SP206sunkissed

SP 206
Sp Sunkissed

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SP210tealnexttime

SP 210
Sp Teal Next Time

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SP211blueyonder

SP 211
Sp Blue Yonder

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SP212moodyblue

SC 212
Sp Moody Blue

Mayco Glaze Stroke Coat SP213grapel

SP 213
Sp Grapel


SP 227
Sp Sour Apple

SP 231
Sp The Blues

SP 241
Sp Brown Cow

SC 245
Sp My Blue Heaven

SP 253
Sp Purple Haze


SP 275
Sp Orange-A-Peel


SP 279
Sp It’s Sage

Stroke & Coat Accents
1.25 oz  $3.60

Mayco Gaze sa002black

SA 002

Mayco Gaze color Chip Board

Mayco Stroke & Coat,
Speckled and Fired Accents
Chip Board

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Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.
Certain items, such as glazes, may not be returned due to manufacturer policies.


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American Ceramic Supply Company has been servicing the ceramic industry for over 40 years. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, American Ceramic Supply Company services and supplies ceramic equipment and supplies to traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios, ceramic potters, art teachers and art educators, ceramic and pottery finished ware producers, ceramic and pottery home based hobbyists. American Ceramic Supply Company provides education, training and consulting services to traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios, potters, art teachers and art educators, ceramic and pottery finished ware producers and home based hobbyists. American Ceramic Supply also educates and assists the architects, contractors, builders and electricians for our customers as they create their ceramic shops,
paint your own pottery studios, ceramic rooms in their new schools and buildings and in their homes.

American Ceramics is a master distributor and education center for Mayco Colors and Glazes and Mayco Bisque, Duncan Ceramic Colors, Glazes and Duncan 04 Bisque offering almost 1000 designs in properly fired ceramic bisque or pottery bisque to home based hobbyists, traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios and art teachers and educators. From functional bisque to kid’s bisque, home decor bisque and seasonal ceramic bisque, American Ceramics stands behind the exceptional quality of the Mayco Bisque and Duncan Bisque lines. Having properly fired, clean and durable ceramic bisque is critical to American Ceramics on-going customer satisfaction.

American Ceramic Supply Company continues to sell, service, educate and provide on-going marketing and technical support to the ceramic and pottery industry. Our goals are the best customer service we can possibly offer, generosity of information to our customers so that they can succeed and accomplish their ceramic dreams and desires and
doing the right thing by God and Country.

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