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Mayco Bisque -
Holiday & Special Occasion

Art Educators, Traditional Stores and Paint Your Own Pottery Studios with Sales Tax Certificates - please e-mail us with name of business and/or exemption status, for wholesale pricing.
SO indicated Special Order designs.

Mayco Bisque MB868ornamentball Mayco Bisque MB867ornamentball Mayco Bisque MB1348StockingTree
Mayco Bisque MB1462 Fairy_Tree

MB 868 4” Ornament Ball
4” 12 per case
$7.90/piece, $86.00/case

MB 867 3” Ornament Ball
3” 12 per case
$6.40/piece, $70.00/case

MB 1348 Stocking Cap Tree
12” H x 6.5” W 4 per case
$20.40/piece, $74.00/case


Mayco Bisque MB1462 Jolly Christmas Tree
Mayco Bisque MB1463 Vintage_Elf Mayco Bisque MB1473 Vintage Snowman

Mayco Bisque - MB1462
Jolly Christmas Tree - 2 per case

$22.90/piece $41.70/case

Mayco Bisque - MB1463
Vintage Elf - 2 per case

$20.50/piece $37.30/case

Mayco Bisque - MB1473
Vintage Snowman - 2 per case
12” tall x 8.75” w x 5” dia
$21.10/piece $38.30/case


Mayco Bisque mb1497 faceted tree 7 inch
Mayco Bisque mb1498 faceted tree 10 inch

Mayco Bisque - MB1497
Faceted Tree - 7”  - 6 per case
7.25” T x 3.75” W
$10.80/piece $59.00/case

Mayco Bisque - MB1498
Faceted Tree - 10”  - 4 per case
10” T x 6.5” W
$20.70/piece $75.30/case


Mayco Bisque MB986skull
Mayco Bisque MB1515 Faceted Skull
mayco bisque fpskull
Mayco Bisque MB1515 faceted skullFP

Mayco Bisque MB 986
Skull  6 per case
3.75” x 3.25”
$9.90/piece, $54.00/case

Mayco Bisque - MB1515
Faceted Skull  4/case
7.75” x 4.5” x 5.75” High
$16.50/piece $60.00/case


Mayco Bisque MB1043squattypumpkin
Mayco Bisque MB1302Pumpkin

Mayco Bisque MB 1043
Squatty Pumpkin
3.75” x 4” 6 per case
$9.90/piece, $54.00/case

Mayco Bisque MB 1302
16” Lighted Pumpkin
16” T x  7.5” W 2 per case
$49.50/piece, $90.00/case


Mayco Bisque - MB1567
Tall Knitted Pumpkin -
$12.10/piece $44.00/case


Mayco Bisque - MB1568
Round Hammered Pumpkin -
$11.00/piece $40.00/case


Mayco Bisque MB1067cup

Mayco Bisque MB 1067 Kiddush Cup
5” x 2.75” 6 per case
$8.40/piece, $46.00/case

mayco bisque fppumpkins

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For Gnomes in bisque, see this page on our site.

Prices subject to change - some items such as glaze and bisque
may not be returned due to manufacturer’s return policies unless defective.

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