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MKM Pottery Tools FP RMHP

MKM Pottery & Ceramic Tools

     American Ceramic Supply Company offers the best sellers of MKM Pottery and Ceramic Tools for Potter’s Studios, Traditional Shops, Paint Your Own Pottery Studios, Schools, and Home Based/Mobile Ceramic Businesses.

MKM Pottery Tools Logo 1
MKM Pottery Tools FP RLHP
MKM Pottery Tools Throwing Sticks 1HP

     MKM Pottery Tools, LLC was established in 2003 by Rick McKinney. The initial set of tools sold by MKM, such as the MKM Decorating Disk, the MKM Throwing Tools, and the various types of ribs, were tools that Rick had developed in his studio for his own personal use, and were not available for sale elsewhere. But it was the Decorating Disk (a sort of universal pottery template) that really launched the business.
     All MKM stamps, rollers, HandRollers, Mini Rollers, etc, are carved at our own factory (they are not contracted out to second parties) by MKM employees who are very committed to quality. Quality in the original  wood blank material, quality of design, and quality of carving, quality of wood finish (tung oil), and, of course, quality service to all of our customers. The wood that they use for the rollers (RS, RM, RL, HandRollers, etc) is  fine grained and carved very precisely. This wood is leftover from the furniture industry and is recycled by MKM to make our small tools. It also takes the tung oil well. And why pure tung oil, which is expensive? Because it is one of only two naturally occurring oils that are self-polymerizing(that harden when exposed to the atmosphere). This means that these tools will be much more durable over time than tools that are bare wood or finished with other oils.

MKM Pottery Tools Ribs 1HP
MKM Pottery Tools FP BHRHP
MKM Tools BHR Spiral1HP MKM Tools BHR Fleur de Lis 1HP

MKM Tools - Rollers & Stamps

MKM Pottery Tools Big Handrollers HP MKM Pottery Tools Handrollers HP MKM Pottery Tools Medium Rollers HP MKM Pottery Tools Small Rollers HP

Handrollers - BHR

Handrollers - HR

Rollers - RM

Rollers - RS

MKM Pottery Tools Large Mini Rollers HP MKM Pottery Tools Small Mini Rollers HP MKM Pottery Tools Finger Rollers HP

Rollers - MRL
Large Mini

Rollers - MRS
Small Mini

Rollers - FRS
Finger Rollers

MKM Pottery Tools Stamps SSM MKM Pottery Tools Stamps SSS

Stamps4Clay - SSM
3 CM x 3 CM

Stamps4Clay - SSS
1.5 CM x 1.5 CM

MKM Pottery Tools Stamps SMR
MKM Pottery Tools Stamps SSL

Stamps4Clay - SSL
6 CM x 6 CM

Stamps4Clay - SMR
10 MM

MKM Pottery Tools Stamps SCS MKM Pottery Tools Stamps SCM

Stamps4Clay - SCS
1.5 CM

Stamps4Clay - SCM
2.5 CM

MKM Pottery Tools Stamps Fonts HP

Stamps4Clay - Fonts4Clay
Alphabet, Numbers, Punctuation

MKM Pottery Tools Logo 2

Please e-mail for any of your ceramic tool needs  - include item number, quantity, size and shipping address so we can quote your discounted prices.

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