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Dragon & Iguana Kilns

American Ceramic Supply Company offers
great discounts on all Paragon Kilns.
Just check out these discounts! You can e-mail us at if you need any help with
technical support, best kilns and/or specific shipping needs.

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New Exterior Dimensions
for Super Dragons:
51 1/2” W x 43” D x 78” Tall
New Shipping Dimensions:
64” W x 67” D x 87” Tall
on stand - Plus add pallet height and total weight when figuring getting through doors.

Paragon Kiln Dragon24

When you buy a Paragon Kiln from American, we help with kiln prep, test fire, cone results and firing schedules.
All kilns listed below are priced for 240V, single phase. For all 3 phase, ask for pricing

The Dragon is an industrial furnace designed for pottery and ceramic studios. And considering its features, it is surprisingly affordable. The door swings open wide on a heavy ” steel rod with sealed bearings. Two spring-loaded latches press the door tightly closed.
The elements are “tuned”, which means hotter elements are placed in areas of the firing chamber that need more heat. This results in superior heat distribution.

Extra insulation saves energy and lengthens cooling. The 4” thick walls, top, and door are made of 3” firebrick backed by 1” of ceramic fiber block insulation. The floor is 4” thick firebrick. The inner door is recessed to help seal in the heat. Because these kilns store heat so efficiently, elements last longer.

The Type-K thermocouple, hermetically sealed for accuracy, is standard. We also recommend the optional Type-S for stoneware and porcelain.

The 24” tall stand is also available with casters for easy moving. The stand is priced separately from the Dragon.

Paragon DRAGON
- $10,281.17 Your price - $9253.06
Price does not include stand - see below

24" w x 27" h x 24" deep
Cone 10, 9 Cu. Ft.
Furniture Kit - Retail - $1229.53  Your price - $1106.58
Vent Mount Factory Installed - Your price - $728.81
AOP Outlet - Your price - $166.32
24" Tall Stand w/o Casters - Your price - $858.25
24" Tall Stand w Casters - Your price - $1051.45
Door Elements - Your price - $649.08
APM Elements - Your price - Please email for current.

Paragon SUPER DRAGON- $18,029.71 Your price - $16,226.74
27" w x 36" h x 27" deep
Cone 10, 15.18 Cu. Ft.
Includes Stand!

Furniture Kit - Retail - $1229.53 Your price - $1106.58
Vent Mount Factory Installed - Your price - $728.81
AOP Outlet -Your price - $166.32
This kiln is NOT certified to CSA and UL Std 499.
Do not order if you are in a commercial location.

paragon Kiln Iguana

The Iguana is powered with reliable extra heavy-duty elements. This results in long element life, because the elements do not “struggle” to reach high temperatures. 10,800 watts heat the 18” wide, 18”deep, 22” high interior to a full cone 10.
The 240 volt Iguana plugs into a 6-50R outlet, so you can fire it on the outlet most studio kilns already use.
The Iguana is easy on the back muscles. With the optional 22” stand, the interior floor height is a comfortable 34””.
Industrial-gauge elements are seated and protected in dropped, recessed firebrick grooves. The elements are easy to replace, because you can comfortably reach into the kiln.
The door swings open wide on a heavy ” steel rod with sealed bearings. A spring-loaded latch presses the door tightly closed. A recessed firebrick lip around the door seals in heat.

Paragon Iguana
- $5532.06  Your price - $4978.86
18" w” x 22 1/2" h x 18" deep, Cone 10, 4.2 Cu. Ft.
Kiln does not come with a stand - see below

Furniture Kit - Retail - $485.79 Your price - $437.22
The furniture kit consists of carefully selected fireclay shelves and posts for this particular model. When estimating the price of the kiln, include the cost of furniture. The furniture allows you to stack multiple layers of ware. Without it, you could fire only the ware that would fit on the kiln bottom.
3 C-17 full shelves (16” x 14” x 5/8”)
1 C-17H half shelf (8” x 14” x 5/8”)
1” wide square posts, 4 each in lengths of ”, 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”
1 lb. bag kiln wash
Furniture Shipping Weight: 50 lb.

Vent Mount Factory Installed - Your price - $728.81
AOP Outlet - Your price - $166.32
22" Tall Stand - Retail - $644.86  Your price - $580.38
22” Tall Stand w/Casters - Retail - $1075.30  Your price - $967.77

All prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's price increases and fuel surcharges with shipping companies.
We reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.
Please be advised - Paragon Kiln Manufacturing Policy - Small hairline cracks in kiln brick are cosmetic and do not affect the firing performance of a kiln.

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