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Potter’s Stools

American Ceramic Supply Company offers great discounts on all
Potter’s Stools for your Pottery Wheels - Amaco/Brent, Speedball, Nidec Shimpo
Just check out these discounts! You can e-mail us at if you need any help with technical support, best stools and/or specific shipping needs.

Speed Ball Potter’s Stools

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Potters Stools ST4

Institutional Potter’s Stool - ST4
Retail - $154.86
Your price - $145.00

ST4 Stool, Rugged and contoured seat provides lower back seat support. Made from molded plastic and a firm cushion, durable in the most severe-use conditions. Easy to clean. Air cylinder finger touch height adjustment extents from 16"-23". Five leg base with glides for stability.

Potters Stools ST5

Institutional Potter’s Stool - ST5
Retail - $134.64
Your price - $120.00

ST5 Stool, Has thin, firm, durable cushion. Manual adjust spindle, 5 leg base for stability.

Potters Stools ST10

Stacking Potter’s Stool - ST10
Retail - $106.38 Your price - $99.00

ST10 Stool, Basic 4 leg steel stool, 18" tall with wooden seat.

Potters Stools Shimpo

Shimpo Adjustable Leg Potter’s Stool
Retail - $94.00
Your price - $85.00

The adjustable leg version allows an assortment  of heights to accommodate everyone, and  can be tilted to relieve the strain on your  lower back. The tilt feature also puts you  over your work. The stool is done attractively  with a white frame and blue seat. The adjustable  leg model not only serves the potter but  will also comfortably fill the needs of  the painter and sculptor.

Amaco Potters Stool

Amaco Brent Potter’s Stool -
Retail - $115.00
  Your price - $95.00

This potter's stool combines fine quality workmanship and comfort-oriented design. It is 18" high, making it perfect for use with most wheels. Unitized welding assures strength in the one-piece gray tubular steel frame. The seat is 14" in diameter and is made of heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel with curled edges to reinforce the seat and eliminate safety hazards. A 1/8" thick tempered hardboard seat is recessed into the frame.

All prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's price increases and fuel surcharges with shipping companies. We reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.

Potter’s Stools

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