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Vent A Kiln System
Models & Pricing

vent a kiln vak neg

Optional Negative-
Pressure Systems

A negative-pressure system puts the fan where it can draw the heat and fumes from the kiln and bring them to the exit point. Negative pressure is often specified as a safeguard against a tear in the hose. Any  pre-engineered system can be modified easily for a negative-pressure application.

vent a kiln vak system

Vent a Kiln System shown here with the STANDARD Positive Pressure System on an octagonal ceramic digital kiln.

vent a kiln vak pos

Standard Positive-
Pressure Systems

The pre-engineered electric kiln venting systems are available as  "positive pressure" systems. A positive-pressure system simply means that the fan is attached to the hood and pushes the heat and fumes to the exit point.

     Standard Vent-A-Kiln pre-engineered systems are available to ventilate round, octagonal, or any other shape kilns. All systems have a three-year warranty and are furnished complete with:

  • Circular Aluminum Hood
  • Two-speed Fan/Blower
  • Overhead Counter-weight Pulley System
  • 10 feet of Flexible Exhaust Hose and all necessary Clamps
  • Externally-mounted Louvered Discharge Plate

    To select the correct model, measure the exterior dimension (outer diameter) of your kiln and choose among the systems below that best fit your size.

    If you have a square, rectangular or oval kiln, you must measure the longest dimension; that is, corner to opposite corner. Round or multi-faced kilns need only have the diameter measured.

    We can also fabricate square or rectangular fume hoods to meet the specific requirements of your kiln. Contact us for more information with the specific measurements and needs of your kiln and space.

Note: The 500 model versions use 500-CFM  blowers, and thus have heavier counter-weights. (Models 1544 and 1654  also have 500-CFM blowers.)

Longest Exterior

Dimension (OD)






No. & Price

Positive Pressure = PP   Negative Pressure = NP

19 to 23 inches



PP-1227  - $550.00 or 1227/500 - $640.00
NP-1227NP5 - $650.00 1227/500NP6 - $740.00

24 to 28 inches



PP-1332  - $575.00 or 1332/500 - $668.00
NP-1332NP5 - $675.00 or 1332/500NP6 - $768.00

29 to 33 inches



PP-1437 - $595.00 or 1437/500 - $699.00
NP-1437NP5 - $695.00 or 1437/500NP6 - $799.00

34 to 40 inches



PP-1544 - $781.00
NP-1544NP6 - $881.00

41 to 50 inches



PP-1654 - $1058.00
NP-1654NP6 - $1158.00

More than 51 inches

Consult Factory





"SST" systems are value-priced, complete  systems (as described above) plus the appropriate size Safety Screen and Programmable Timer.

Models for use in Existing Exhaust System
27NB5 & 27NB6 - Hood Diameter 27”, Hood Collar & Hose Size 5” & 6” - $387.00
32NB5 & 32NB6 - Hood Diameter 32”, Hood Collar & Hose Size 5” & 6” - $418.00
37NB5 & 37NB6 - Hood Diameter 37”, Hood Collar & Hose Size 5” & 6” - $447.00
44NB6 - Hood Diameter 44”, Hood Collar & Hose Size 6” - $534.00
54NB6 - Hood Diameter 54”, Hood Collar & Hose Size 6” - $812.00

Optional Swinging Wall Bracket
11-47, Swinging Wall Bracket, Hood Size 27” - 32” - 37” - $119.00
11-44, Swinging Wall Bracket, Hood Size 44” - $149.00
11-54, Swinging Wall Bracket, Hood Size 54” - $179.00

Vent a kiln Safety Screen

     Free Standing, Portable, Modular, Expandable Vent-A-Fume/Vent-A-Kiln  Corp. Safety Screens to help provide a "piece of mind" while firing a kiln, or to help keep unauthorized personnel out of a restricted work area.
     The outer surface of a kiln during firing can exceed 400 F (204 C),  which can cause severe injury if accidentally touched. To alert  students, children and others to be careful when near a kiln, each panel on Safety Screens for kilns is imprinted in bright safety yellow: CAUTION - KILN IN OPERATION.
     Easy to assemble, Safety Screens are made with flame-retardant canvas secured to 1/2-in. round steel tubing that is galvanized for corrosion resistance. Standard units feature three and four 2-ft. wide by 3-ft.  high panels. Single panels can be purchased to expand upon standard units.


Model No.





1-Panel Safety Screen

Caution-Kiln in Operation



2-Panel Safety Screen

Caution-Kiln in Operation



3-Panel Safety Screen

Caution-Kiln in Operation



4-Panel Safety Screen

Caution-Kiln in Operation


Vent a Kiln programmed mini timer

     Designed to program your Vent-A-Kiln ventilation system to turn on at  the start of your firing process and turn off after all excess heat and  fumes are eliminated from the work area. It is ideal for electric kilns, electric ovens and small electric furnaces.
     Automatic start-up of ventilation prior to kiln firing is a safety  measure to eliminate the potential hazard of forgetting to turn the  system on. Automatic shutdown ensures that all fumes have been  eliminated from the area and contributes to energy efficient operation.
     Programmable Mini-Time Controllers also can be used with Vent-A-Fume  systems for process emissions, or used to operate other equipment that  does not exceed the maximum load specifications below.

 Operating Features

  • Designed for equipment with a maximum load of 15 amp, 1800 watt, 115v and any motor up to
    1 hp
  • Capability to program up to six-on/six-off settings per day - up to 84 settings per week
  • Can be set to run for cycles as brief as one minute
  • User-friendly, easy to program with the aid of convenient buttons on front panel
  • Crystal oscillator guarantees precise and stable timing control
  • LED light indicates that power has been switched on
  • LCD displays real time as well as programmed times

 Manual override

  • Back-up battery (1.5v/UM-5 size) ensures that your programs are not lost in the event of a power failure
  • Includes easy-to-follow instructions

 Specifications and Pricing

Model No.






Programmable Timer

4-in. x 2-in. x 3-1/4-in.

5.3 oz.


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