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       American Ceramic Supply Company is a family owned and operated ceramic pottery and glass equipment and supply company. For 47 years, American Ceramic Supply Co. has been at the forefront of innovative products, techniques and unsurpassed customer service. Backed by the best manufacturers of ceramic equipment and supplies in the ceramic industry, American Ceramic Supply Company is a leader in sales and education. American is a Master Distributor for Mayco Colors, Duncan Color and Bisque, Skutt Kilns and Wheels, Olympic Kilns, Amaco/Brent, Royal Brush, Orton Ceramics, Lehman Ceramic Equipment, Shimpo Ceramic Equipment, Paragon Kilns, Laguna Clay and Creative Paradise. American is also a distributor for L&L Kilns, Kemper Tools, Lamp Specialties, Northstar Equipment, Oceanside Glass and Speedball Ceramic, MKM Ceramic Tools, GR Pottery Forms, Band It, Universal Straps.. American sells to retail and wholesale hobbyists, schools, organizations and wholesale markets. American continuously educates its own staff in order to better help its local, national and international customers.

      Servicing traditional shops, learning institutions, finished ware producers, potters and paint your own pottery studios all over the world, American strives* to provide excellent education, products and customer service. We have helped over 1000 new ceramic businesses open their studios and shops, set up classrooms and home based venues and we continue to aid them in product, marketing and education.

     Pat Conner, President and CEO of American Ceramic Supply, has been involved in ceramics for over 60 years. Starting out as a potter, Mrs. Conner’s education in geology, art and ceramics means she learned ‘from the dirt’ up. Manufacturers in the industry often consult with her concerning firing and technical support. Her knowledge and understanding of the science side of the fired arts world, along with her art background and business experience, help make American Ceramic Supply Company one of the best suppliers in the industry -both from a manufacturer and customer standpoint.

        In the 70’s, distributors around the country were still doing business the “old” way - product was chosen over the counter and shop owners pulled the glazes from behind the checkout area. Ceramic molds were stacked from the floor to the ceilings.  If you wanted a mold, it was very much like a scavenger hunt and the mold had to be opened to even see what it was. Massive amounts of store square footage were dedicated to mixing slip, pouring molds, cleaning greenware. When Mrs. Conner moved the business to Ludelle Street, she began incorporating some very innovative ways of doing business, which today have become industry standards. By designing a store with self service for glazes, molds tagged/labeled/sorted by category and stocking pre-made slip; this freed the staff to focus on more important matters - customer service and education.

     American Ceramic Supply Co. became incorporated in 1977 and moved to its present location on Ludelle Street in Fort Worth, Texas in 1978. Our offices, showroom, classrooms and warehouses encompass over 10,000 square feet in the Beach Street warehouse industrial district. Our well lit and large parking area can handle daily customers, USPS and Fed Ex trucks and freight trucks coming and going on a daily basis.

     As the years have gone by, the ceramic industry has certainly changed. American Ceramic and Glass Supply Company, due to Pat Conner’s innovative vision, has not only stayed at the forefront of ceramic industry changes, but continues to be one of the most important trendsetters.  American Ceramics conviction is to conduct their business to ensure satisfied, educated customers who will have success in the fired arts.

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