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Please visit our Pottery Consultant web site:

     We have the BEST start-up and expansion paint your own pottery studio equipment and supplies packages for Paint Your Own Pottery or Contemporary Studios! Best discounts in the industry! Everything you need-kilns, color, glaze, brushes, bisque, accessories-an all customized package just for you! Home Based Studio-as low as
$6,500.00! Small Studio-as low as $9,800.00! Large Studio-as low as $14,850.00! Serious Studio-as low as
$21,900.00! These aren't fixed prices; your start-up package is custom designed depending on your location, square footage, time of year you open and your budget. You choose your brands and we work with you to make sure you're getting just what you need after training! Consulting options are available from business plans and set up of studio to on site education and training. We are the most recommended consultants and suppliers for new paint your own pottery studios.
Please visit our Pottery Consultant web site:
     If you are in the initial stages of considering opening a paint-your-own-pottery studio, check out our article on Opening a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio that appeared in Popular Ceramics.  Then read more articles that can help you get started and on your way to opening your very own pottery painting studio. We also offer an optional apprenticeship program to our start-up paint your own pottery studio customers. Call us for a list of our satisfied and profitable customers! We have helped open overv600 paint-your-own-pottery studios all over the world.  (We are NOT a franchise.) Here's what just a few of our customers have to say. (Also, if you are thinking about using us to help you open, call or e-mail for updated list of new and old references from all over the world!)

     ``Connie Rocks! I began my venture of opening a new paint your own pottery studio with my own business plan and ideas about how I wanted to get things done, but once I started working with Connie I realized how many mistakes I would have made trying to do it all on my own. She was the second set of eyes and ears that I needed to get this together and running, especially since part of my time was preoccupied with having a beautiful baby girl! Thank you Connie, you were the difference in my starting a successful business and just opening a business."
Anne Romanello
Village Clay Your Way

     "If you are planning on opening a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio, you have to look into American Ceramic Supply's start-up package. The prices are unbeatable, and the unending support they have given me has been priceless. They will help you choose everything from your line of color, to your brand of kiln, to your start-up bisque inventory, to marketing ideas. Furthermore, they guarantee the quality of their bisque, and the bisque lives up to that guarantee. You can't let this supplier pass you by."
Colleen Cole
Paint This!

     “I hired Connie Speer after reading her informative articles and talking to other studios. Connie was always given a high recommendation by everyone I talked to, and I will give her a 5 star rating! She is an unbelievable asset to have on your team. I couldn’t have opened my paint your own pottery studio without her. I am a business woman, but Connie brings the industry experience with her to the table. She is always available (I tell her she needs a hobby) for me and she never treats me like an inconvenience. She promised she would be there to see this through with me, and she has kept her promise. I would have been lost without her during this experience. She truly cares about her clients and she is always in your corner. If she tells you to do it - JUST DO IT (there is a reason!) It will be the best investment you can make if you are thinking about opening a paint your own pottery studio!”
Diana McGraw
Artrageous Studio

      “I decided to open a paint your own pottery studio nearly twenty years ago and fortunately met Connie at my first convention in Dallas. In fact, it was the most valuable resource I found. Starting a new business is difficult enough. To have someone guide you through the ordering and set up of products, colors and equipment is so significant. I believe Connie was the first to develop consulting and customized 'Start-up packages' and most importantly they come with Connie's personal service and unlimited advice and enthusiasm. I have called Connie throughout the years with questions on products and advice in regards to my business and am able to reach her promptly and I am always well received, even if it is not financially beneficial to her. Connie along with her mom Pat are always fun & familiar faces at convention and are still going strong for a reason!”
Nancy King
That Pottery Place

To Read MANY more references - visit our Pottery Consultant site references pages.

CONSULTING - The Pottery Consultant services are for new and experienced paint your own pottery or contemporary studios. We provide hands on guidance and advice for:

Full service start-up - from A to Z and beyond
Financial planning - business plans for you and or your bank
Best studio locations
kilns, vents, color & glazes, brushes, tools, books
glass fusing, clay hand building, more
supplies & accessories
marketing & advertising
staff hiring and training
glazing & firing
on-going technical & marketing

No matter what your level of experience, The Pottery Consultant can help your Paint Your Own Pottery and Craft Studio. Consulting is available in our offices, over the phone and/or via e-mail.

Although we take you through the process step-by-step, if you are in need of more information now on choosing a kiln, planning your kiln room or maintaining your kiln, you can go to those pages and read some preliminary facts.
This information has been provided by
Skutt Kilns and reprinted with their express permission.

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